Weddings & Groups


Let us help you plan your Dream Beach Wedding with Family and Friends, Celebrate Important Milestones, or have a real Fiesta for your Family Reunion! No need to rent cars or take cabs…Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds – a Perfect Day at the Beach and Evening Strolls at Sunset, Gourmet Dining and Live Music at the popular restaurants just down the block, or have fun Shopping at all of the great neighborhood finds all within just a few minutes’ walk of your front door. Surf, Play, and Stay! Activities and Adventure abound (all you’ll need is Mas Tiempo)!

Hacienda and Casita Camino al Mar and the regular 3-5 on staff are primarily able service our maximum guest capacity of 26 people for vacation and up to 60 guests for events. Please follow these guidelines when planning meals, parties, poolside gatherings or celebrations involving outside guests. The addition of outside guests must be approved at least one month in advance by the villa manager. Please see the details of the guest entertainment policy by clicking the second tab above.

  • The staff at Hacienda and Casita Camino al Mar is set to service the house rental maximum of 14-16 persons and 6-12 respectively. We understand that you may wish to invite outside guests at certain times however we ask that you limit their numbers to no more than 4 outside invitees at no additional cost
  • It is very important that you notify the manager or other staff member as early as possible that you are expecting guests so that the staff can be prepared
  • For any group larger than 4, please clear your plans with a minimum of 48 hours in advance. More time is better. To invite guests over for a regular meal (over 4) there is a $25 US per person fee payable to the houseman (does not include cost of food and beverage). Depending on the nature of your event, we may require an additional non-refundable event fee (a flat property “usage” fee). The amount of the fee will be determined at the time and will depend upon the number of people and the plans for the event. It may also be necessary to require hiring an event planner and/or caterer if we determine that the event is outside the normal capabilities of our staff
  • If you want to plan a more formal event like a wedding or large dinner party, which will involve more than 4 outside guests, we will generally require an additional event fee equal to one night’s rental. We will also require a refundable damage deposit of $1000 USD. Also for groups of this size we will require that you hire an event planner, subject to approval, who will handle all details of the event, including tables and seating, dishes and utensils, linens, decorations, catering, staffing, and cleanup. Please plan for large events as early as possible, preferably at the time of booking.
  • When music or other entertainment is hired or when the stereo is used, please understand that Hacienda Camino al Mar is located within a residential neighborhood and plan accordingly. Mexican law requires that all entertainment or loud noise stop no later than 11 PM. Our staff has the right to stop any loud music after 11:00 as we are obligated to do whatever is necessary
    to abide by Mexican community laws. We thank you for your understanding if they ask you to turn down the music.
  • The villa staff is generally off on Sundays and there is no regular service. Sunday service can usually be arranged but, may require a small addition charge. You can also choose to trade Sunday for another day off during the week. To make arrangements and prepayment please speak with the villa manager. We cannot guarantee that Sunday kitchen service will be provided by our regular villa cooking staff unless arranged 2 weeks in advance (an additional fee applies for Sunday service).
We work with a select few wedding planners who are incredibly talented. Please inquire if you would
like more specific quotes on wedding design and we’d be happy to put you in touch!

  • Event fee of one additional night rental will be charged for special events. Events with more than 10 outside invitees should work with a wedding planner to organize all details
  • Minimum 5 night stay will be required in the Winter (Nov-Apr) and 3 night min in the Summer (i.e 4 nights plus event fee)
  • Guest will be required to provide additional refundable cash damage deposit of $1000 USD at least 2 weeks prior to check in. Deposits are refundable 2 weeks after check out
  • Guests will provide the names of event planners to be hired, guest list, number of adults/ children, advise of itinerary, decorations, music, catering, full clean-up, etc. 2 weeks prior to stay